Saturday, January 17, 2009

#68 - This Evening's Clock Tower

This is what the tower looked like this evening when I got back from visiting my Sweet Old Ma.

A funny thing happened on the way to my Mother's this morning. I was about thirty miles into my trip and the radio station started fading, so I hit the 'seek' button, and the DJ on the first station I came to was just reporting that I-75 North was completely blocked at the intersection of I-4 and was backed up in all directions. Of course, that's where I was headed, so I got off I-4 and took a side road that would ultimately lead to Sweet Ma's house. My trip time was increased by an hour, but the first hour of it was pleasurable, because the DJ had just started her show and the music was fantastic - music I've never heard before, with maybe one exception. She was playing Folk Music, all of it with an upbeat message, and quite a bit of it with a Christian message.

It reminded of the first time I heard On An Island by David Gilmour - I was on the Florida Turnpike late at night, stuck in traffic because of a nasty accident, but the hour turned out nice because I heard an interview and most of his album.

Now you know a little more about me! LOL


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful shot. The palms look all prickley. Quite a story and you did make it to Mother's house. MB

Coca Cutie said...

Thanks for the story and the wonderful pic!