Thursday, December 18, 2008

#40 - From The Intersection

I shot this on my way out of Champions Gate this morning. It was a miserable morning - I had a flatter than flat flat - but the day was wonderful otherwise. Not because I did anything special or had any major breakthrough with my ongoing problem, but the weather was glorious, hitting about 78F with a nice breeze. That's enough to turn an otherwise crappy day into something special.


Small City Scenes said...

That's at a funny angle. the tower looks like it has two big owl eyes and it needs a haircut. LOL

I am glad your day turned out nice and made you happy. I could use some of that sunshine here. Be Happy!! MB

Small City Scenes said...

Thank you!! I am warming up now---great mental telepathy. Yes! Yes!

Boston? MB

George Townboy said...

MB: Glad you're warming up, it really works!! Yes, Boston, check out my Blizzard Of 1978 posts on Beantown Today when you have a chance.

Coca Cutie said...

Glad the weather made it special.

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