Wednesday, December 31, 2008

#53 - Last Post of 2008 Clock

And a sundown it is! I hope to start the new year out with a sunrise. Out with the old in with the new. Here's to 2009 being a much better year for business than 2008. I was about to complain about 2008 when I remembered my #1 ingredient for coming up with a better recipe for 2009 - NO MORE COMPLAINING! LOL

Thank you all for being a part of 2008, which, in truth, made it a GREAT YEAR! Happy New Year!!


Coca Cutie said...

Ops! I forgot to plan anything! LOL

Good luck and I wish you dont have reasons to complain about bussiness! LOL
Thanks you and happy new year!

Small City Scenes said...

Thank you too. I guess if I was good for being in 2008 means I was good for something and not good for nothing. LOL

I will be good in 2009. MB

maicher said...

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