Thursday, November 20, 2008

#12 - Beyond Walgreens

I got a late start this morning, left the house after ten. Good thing I'm the boss, I'd have been fired a long time ago.

Have you seen those blogs that are essentially diaries of the person writing them? You know, the ones where they talk about everything that happened to them during the day, what's going on in their lives, how things are going with the psychologist, hair dresser, nail tech, coach, blah blah blah? Every once in a while I think about writing that kind of stuff on my blogs, but my days are so boring, no one would want to hear about them. Example: left home, drove to Kissimmee, saw some customers, went for workout, drove home, had food, went back out, failed at selling a stupid ad, went home, downloaded photos, wrote this. I mean .. who cares?

Oh, I left out the important part: took photos. Awesome photos. Gonna post them somewhere. Hang on!

I'm not knocking those bloggers that lay their lives out for everyone to comment on, I'm just injecting a little self-deprecating humor here.



Coca Cutie said...

I always thought that was what you pretended with this blog.

Small City Scenes said...

I know what you mean---I don't have much to say either. Dull and boring to some but I enjoy my life only I'm not telling everybody. Shhhhh!!
The tower looks shorter at that Wakgreen angle. B

Carletta said...

Your faithful would care whatever you post! Wouldn't we gang?
I was thinking the tower looked way short too.

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