Tuesday, November 11, 2008

#3 - Harboring a Hot Air Balloon

I shot this at exactly 7:15 this morning. Can you tell? LOL

If you were a passenger in the hot air balloon that appears in the key hole, now you know exactly where you were at 7:15 on 11/11/08.

This is the east face of the clock. That's the Omni Hotel in the distance. Coca Cutie has suggested that I name the faces of the clock, rather than referring to them as north, south, east and west. Of course, if I do that I'll have to put a 'key' on the sidebar so my readers know what I'm referring to, unless I add the direction after the name of the face. Confused? Well, let's say I name the faces after the Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo, then it would be John North, Paul South, George East, and Ringo West. All in favor say aye.


Coca Cutie said...

Aye for George today!
We dont get confused, we trust on what you called them.
I dont trust in that exactly 7:15 am however!

Fabtastic shot, I had no clue that the hotel could be seen by that place.

Carletta said...

The fab four indeed! Make that the fab five. :)

splendid said...

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