Saturday, November 29, 2008

#21 - The Price Of Gas Today

I shot this early today, and I know the 7-11 directly opposite this station was exactly the same. That's about a penny higher than the 'national average' today. Of course, these two gas stations are right at the gate and are the only two stations when cars get off I-4. I-4 is the very heavily traveled road that runs through Orlando, starting in Tampa and ending at Daytona Beach. Lots of tourists stop at these stations.

I saw gas for $1.729 in Kissimmee yesterday. That's much much better.


The wonderful Coca Cutie, a/k/a Uma Por Dia of Lisboa366, has resumed posting her marvelous blog: LiSbon daiLy pHoTO. I know everyone missed her. Let's hope she finds her way back into Blogland. I know what blogger burn-out is like and I think that's what she was experiencing.


Uma por Dia said...

A penny higher can be much much better too, it depends of the contexte and of the eye of the beholder.

Thanks GT for your kind words but I was the one that missed everyone.
I wouldnt call it a blogger burn-out but instead a deep dissapointement. But well, why shut it down and open a new one? It wouldnt make me happier, so just decided to post at least until the end of the year and maby it'll cheer me up.

Small City Scenes said...

That's about what it is here. Some stations are still just above 2.00 and some lower---just depends where you go. MB

Everybody smile and be happy!!!!! MB

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