Saturday, November 15, 2008

#7 - Rainy Night

I shot this last night when I was out trying to shoot the Space Shuttle. It is a view of the Clock Tower from beneath the drive-through of the Regions Bank, and it shows the east face of the clock. That means George Harrison (east face) is finally getting some recognition here. The building on the right is the Watson Real Estate office building. Just to the right of that would be the Walgreens, which you have seen in other photos.

Just before I was about to leave my house to take some shots of the Space Shuttle launch, it started raining. Then it started pouring. I decided to go to the bank parking lot and try to get some shots anyway, and it turned out okay. The Space Shuttle was a mere flicker in the sky, but some of the other shots I got were pretty cool.


Coca Cutie said...

This one is pretty cool too. You dont usualy post night photos and clock tower that cant be see the time(s) lol
Are we going to see the other shots?

Small City Scenes said...

Poor George--not you but Harrison. Some recognition you gave him---he's just left out in the rain. Interesting shot though. MB

Carletta said...

So I'm with Coca - when do we see the other shots! You're holding out to keep us coming back aren't you? :)

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