Friday, November 14, 2008

#6 - Time Waits For No One

And the correct time is: Paul McCartney has it. The south face of the clock tower is just about right. The west face, or Ringo Starr (lol) seems to be fast all the time. But what can we expect, Ringo is a drummer, and drummers have to be fast.

I shot this on my way out to work this morning. WORK! Does anyone remember Maynard G. Krebs? I do. I loved that show. The G. stood for Walter. Figure that out! My grandfather's first name was Walter. I wonder if he ever watched Dobie Gillis?

Just a little something to entertain and make you think tonight. I'm heading out the door in a few minutes to try to shoot some photos of the Space Shuttle launch. I have no idea if I'll be able to, but at least it won't be WORK.

The title of this post is also a Rolling Stones song. Which band is number one of all time, Beatles or Stones?


Small City Scenes said...

I think Paul always had to be correct anyway.
I remember The Dobie show--reruns--
The Stones, I bet. MB

Small City Scenes said...

Dobie Gillis that is. Maybe I don't. MB

Carletta said...

I was going to ask which Beatle couldn't tell time - thanks for answering that for me.
I wish Dobie Gillis had been reruns for me!! I loved the show. Can still hear Dobie saying 'Maynard'
Hope you get some good shots!!

Coca Cutie said...

I think its Beatles, but I like Stones much more.
I saw a concert of them here in a stadium some ears ago. Just for curiosity, before them I saw 16 years ago, same stadium Pink Floyd. I have the ticket there somewere :)

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